AJ Lacsamana is a NSCA-CPT Certified personal trainer who received his B.S. in Kinesiology at University of Illinois— Chicago, and carries over a decade of personal training experience into the gym with him every day. He has trained at Xsport Fitness, David Barton Gym Chicago, and SOHO House Chicago, and currently works as a Corporate Wellness Director and head of operations for video at one of Chicago’s leading online marketing firms. When he’s not at the gym or the office, you can find him snowboarding, barefoot water skiing, wakeboarding, or training for his next marathon.


We will keep you in prime shape for the season through one-on-one training and day-of competition guidance and injury management.

One-on-one training

After a thorough evaluation of your current mobility/stability/fitness level, we will target specific muscle groups during sessions to correct muscle imbalances and improve performance.

Nutrition/Diet Guidance

We will help you maximize your performance by providing tips on the proper nutrients needed for fuel and recovery.

Online Training

We offer 3, 5, and 7 month programs custom-designed to facilitate your fitness goals– sent directly to your phone, every day.


Akros Athletics is a Chicago-based premier training company for individuals who:

  • are new to an extreme sport and want to prepare their bodies for the rigors and challenges that the new sport demands

  • participate in their sport recreationally but have the drive to perform at a higher level

  • compete at a professional level and aspire to become the best in their sport

Although the main focus is on extreme sports training, Akros Athletics can meet the needs of a diverse population with a variety of fitness goals.

We are dedicated to making the most effective use of our clients’ time and finding the perfect workout to fit the needs of each individual.

What are you waiting for?

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